Technology landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Emergence of 5G, IoT, Analytics, AI, and Cloud is enabling organizations to offer innovative solutions to the business problems and create new revenue streams.

Zenith is an early mover into this space, and has built a strong resource pool helping several clients accelerate their offerings. Our cutting edge consulting and services offerings, along with a unique Innovation Lab ™, allows our clients to navigate this maze of technology easily and at a comparatively much lesser cost.


Zenith offers full spectrum of consulting, system integration, and solution services in IoT space.

Our in-house IoT framework is a standard-based model that companies can leverage to accelerate their IoT offerings, or energize their own business utilizing proven IoT use cases. Our SMEs have years’ of system integration experience with IoT leaders, like, Jasper and Sierra Wireless.

We are a leading enabler of several industry proven IoT use cases, like, Connected Cars, SmartBuilding, SmartCity, and Industry 4.0.

Our M2M/IoT Integrations cover a broad spectrum of solutions and services in resource mapping, remote equipment monitoring, logistics, real-time fleet management, geofencing, and device management.

Big Data, Analytics & AI

In this era of digital disruption, data is one of the most valuable assets for any company. Handling and managing data effectively is a necessity for identifying new business opportunities.

Zenith has strong pool of experts – Data Scientists, Big Data Developers, and Visualization Developers, who along with our domain experts, are helping leading organizations find valuable insights for critical business decisions and create intelligent business reports.

At Zenith, we’ve delivered IoT solutions that combine the power of data analytics and AI algorithms to operate on the data received from the IoT devices, and smartly control the system behavior. Zenith’s Industrial HVAC IoT platform is an example in this space.

Our team of certified professionals is proficient in all leading technologies, like, BigData Hadoop, Hive, Scala, Spark, Python, Apache NiFi, and Kafka.


Companies across domains are re-evaluating their investment strategy in IT and infrastructure. They are realizing the need for cloud-based custom applications that support their business needs.

We, at Zenith, are fully equipped to design and develop customizable and scalable applications to meet the business requirements. We take pride in going a step ahead and empowering our clients in effectively managing their portfolio on the cloud.

Our telco clients in North America are aggressively integrating with our Cloud applications and support activities like service assurance, service fulfillment, fault monitoring, provisioning, asset management and billing. Our offerings and services ensure flexibility, accessibility, speed, security, agility, and exceptional user experience.


Zenith SmartCity technology integrates information technology, communication, and network infrastructure in a way that optimizes the efficiency of operations at a city-level. We are fully aligned with the smart city initiatives across geographies.

Our experience in developing and integrating IoT driven solutions is significantly optimizing energy operations and processes across Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Infrastructure space.

Our own SmartBuilding Energy Management product uses sensors to measure and record temperature and occupancy, communicate data to smart analytics engine, and correct energy consumption. This effective monitoring enables cities to cut down on their energy consumption and manage resources efficiently.

Zenith is consistently bridging the gap between people and processes, optimizing resources, and thereby fastening the pace of evolution of a number of Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities.

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