We are Telecom specialists. The telecommunication ecosystem is rapidly evolving over last few years, perhaps more than any other domain. CSPs across the globe are constantly exploring experience-led data-driven models to provide immersive customer experiences and simultaneously manage costs.

Our OSS/BSS capabilities help CSPs (fixed/mobile operators) reduce costs, explore new revenue sources, and offer personalized customer experiences. Our cutting-edge rating and billing systems, mediation solutions, and strong portfolio of products is further helping our clients achieve their goals faster and with better quality.

We are active partners of TMForum and GSMA. This partnership allows us to deliver industry-compliant solutions, and also keeps us up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

While industry is still warming up, our vision has already allowed us to gain a lead in 5G, IoT, AI, and Analytics space, where we are helping our clients accelerate their offerings.

Our B/OSS expertise include:

DigitalRoute MediationZone, SAP Hybris Billing, SAP Convergent Charging, BM Tivoli, HP Openview, HP Service Manager, Netcool, TeMip

Zenith has SMEs with years of B/OSS system integration expertise with leading equipment providers like Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, Affirmed, XURA, Cisco etc.

Banking & Finance

Operations in banking and financial industries are undergoing a sea change. Aggressive digitalization demands real-time interaction with customers, personalization of services or products, and exceptional customer experience.

With Zenith Conversa – our in-house offering, we have helped our clients in retail and commercial banking space to not only address the customer dynamics, but harness new business opportunities as well. Zenith Conversa’s instant, intelligent, and context-sensitive conversational platform harnesses the power of voice and automates the way clients’ interact with their end-customers.

In financial space, our Big Data, Analytics, and AI support has enabled clients to effectively contextualize their customers’ spending and investing patterns. Integration of Agile methodology and digital transformation has further enabled clients’ to optimize sales processes, customize solutions, and transition from traditional banking players into new-age financial majors.


Digitalization in the healthcare industry is phenomenal. Healthcare majors are constantly striving to achieve three goals – improved patient care, fast and accurate diagnostic services, and reduced healthcare costs.

Our expertise in IoT and Automation, is enabling our clients effectively achieve their goals, while addressing the regulatory compliance challenges. We are consistently customizing our solutions and integrating different systems, processes, and people at an enterprise level. The output is seamless communication between different departments and stakeholders, and optimized processes.

With our Big Data, Analytics, and AI competencies, we are helping healthcare providers across geographies explore new business opportunities, design personalized health care solutions, and outperform competition.