The Zenith Test Tools Suite – made up of four applications is a significant offering in software development and automation. The Suite automates QA while minimizing risk of error and managing cost.

Mass Usage Tool mocks-up files for QA testing. The tool also generates large volumes of files for performance testing.

Switch Simulator simulates product usage by referencing various statistical models. It is capable of generating millions of files for performance testing within hours. Users can choose simulation algorithms to model and fine-tune mediation systems.

CDR Editor is a graphical CDR Editor that edits a wide variety of CDR formats ranging from production files to mock-up CDRs for QA testing.

Hyper Parallel Error Manager collects errors from test files, identifies recyclable errors, and automatically recycles them to source systems.


Zenith Test Tools Suite Value Proposition

  • Minimizes development cost and optimizes QA
  • Builds consistency through automated processes
  • Warrants quality at all stages of product development

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