Zenith’s in-house design team is fuelled by applied innovation that results in differentiated software development. We believe in the value of investing in people, education, research, systems, tools and frameworks to ensure our global relevance. Simply put, we are results focused and driven by the success of our clients and partners.

Zenith’s in-house system framework is referred to as the “Zenith Innovation Gateway.” The Zenith “Innovation Gateway” features several tools, utilities, and systems processing tools that greatly assist our development and testing teams as well as our clients.

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Zenith Campaign Management System is a bilingual campaign management solution that allows Operators to target and communicate to customers via SMS, MMS or WAP Push.


Zenith Integration Platform allows wireless operators and content partners to rapidly launch content-based services. Operators use it for integration between Skype, Wagjag, RDIO, Slacker Radio, VeriSign and Nokia Maps.

CDR Editor

Graphical CDR Editor is used for editing CDRs from production files as well as to mock-up CDRs for QA testing. It can be configured to edit a wide variety of CDR formats ranging from AMA, Nokia M14, M15, MMS etc.


Premium Messaging Platform allows Mobile Operator's subscribers to self-manage their short-code subscriptions from a WAP Portal using their Wireless Devices.


Zenith Error Management Platform ensures revenue realization by identifying erroneous CDRs (voice, data, and roaming) and recycling them to source system automatically.

Mass Usage Tool       

Mass Usage Tool is used to mock-up SMS, IPDR, MMS, RTR CDRs for QA testing and can be used to generate large volumes of CDRs for performance testing.


Since 2008, Zenith Roaming Platform have allowed users to purchase Voice, Data and SMS packages when they roam outside Canada. It can also send customized "Welcome SMS" to roaming customers, while being integrated with operator network elements.


The Data Migration Toolkit enables our clients to transition to new systems seamlessly. It securely migrates data based on flexible criterion from within a Portal and supports multiple parallel projects migrations.